In a nutshell, “what we do” is build bridges to independence for homeless families and families at risk of becoming homeless. Our bridges – our services – strengthen these families and provide them with the stability, skills, knowledge, and community networks to become self-sufficient. We offer supports for every family member – adults and children alike. Our short-term goal is to help individual clients right now. Long-term we aim to break the inter-generational cycle of poverty by preparing today’s struggling kids to be tomorrow’s successful adults. From housing to financial literacy, from tutoring to youth development, from life skills to career counseling, we tailor a continuum of services.  Some activities are required, some are optional, and some are just plain fun.

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Health & Wellness

"Over half the mothers who come to Bridges have chronic health problems—serious conditions that further complicate their efforts to move their families out of poverty. High blood pressure or cholesterol, diabetes, cancer, and other serious issues are common. Many conditions are related to or exacerbated by obesity."