The Language of Money Management

Bridges works with individuals and families to increase their financial knowledge and skills, with a big emphasis on household budgeting and credit repair. Many of our clients are unemployed or underemployed, carry large amounts of debt, have poor credit, and lack financial responsibility. In partnership with the Virginia Cooperative Extension, Bridges is able to offer customized financial literacy workshops through the Money Smarts Pay program. In addition to the workshops, participants are paired with an Accredited Financial Counselor for one-on-one financial coaching.

"The case managers are awesome!  They taught me how to live on a budget and save money.  For the first time, I feel good about my future." — JB

Kids & Money

Getting it Right from the Start
"Children are never too young to start understanding money, and Bridges has developed an entire financial literacy curriculum to get them off on the right foot. Kids get all the basics of saving, budgeting, shopping – even the meaning of credit and how to use a financial institution. When both mothers and children are working on money management, they often end up reinforcing each other."