Preparing for Employment

Bridges promotes the self-sufficiency of our clients through employment and increased wages. We provide group training and one-on-one employment mentorship, bringing together the skills, knowledge, and community networks needed for clients to become and remain self-sufficient. At the same time, our employment services further enhance Bridges’ continuum of aid and support for the families we serve by helping them find, secure, and retain stable employment.

"The course exceeded my expectations. The mentors gave me leads and the Director helped me to develop the financials. Entrepreneurship is for me!" — Participant

Professional Development

Taking it to the Next Level
"Evening workshops open more options for women trying to upgrade employment and interpersonal skills. The sessions rotate through such topics as how to complete applications, construct resumes, write letters and emails, and handle interviews. Another big benefit is the opportunity for participants to work on computer skills and use of search engines, skills of great value on the job and in identifying employment and housing possibilities."