Help b2i connect with the community by planning and promoting upcoming events, recruiting teams for our mini walk and annual kickball tournament, and representing b2i at events around town. You can also organize a drive for food or toiletries to keep our shelter’s pantry well stocked. We’d also love to be the beneficiary of your organization’s fundraising activities!

Volunteer Spotlight

Mary Adams
"As she retires, it is with hearts full of gratitude that Bridges acknowledges Mary Adams for her over twenty years of service as Honorary Member and Corresponding Secretary of our Board of Directors.  Through her two plus decades of service (she served under all three Executive Directors), Mary crafted thousands of donor thank you notes.  As a volunteer, she attended nearly all Bridges events from client graduations to children's parties to our appreciation Bar-B-Q, helping out wherever she could.  Mary leaves a legacy of dedication and service that will be long remembered at Bridges!"