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Jacqueline Ramsey

MicroBusiness Academy Mentor

I have my own small business and enjoy helping others so I signed up to mentor students in the Bridges MicroBusiness Academy. As a mentor, I help students apply principles they learn in class to their own business idea.
To me, volunteering is as much about my growth as it is about doing something for others. I get to fill in time that seems otherwise unproductive—and it’s a way to give back to my community. I also meet wonderful people who live and work around me. One student in the program sells his paintings near my home and it was fun to stop and chat with him! Volunteering also gives me an opportunity to share with students what I’ve learned from my own business. In turn, the people I mentor will share their ideas with me which sparks my own creative process. As a Bridges volunteer, I’ve found that unexpected and wonderful things always happen when you reach out!