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Adam Montjoy

Bridges Tutor and Boys Club Volunteer

I have been a volunteer with Bridges to Independence since February 2017. It has been, by far, the most rewarding volunteer experience I’ve had. I volunteer with Bridges to Independence because I strongly support their mission of equipping clients with the resources needed to achieve permanent stability. The organization clearly values their volunteers and I feel that I have a real opportunity to help my neighbors in the community. Through my experience at Bridges, I have learned about the challenges of others and how I can provide sustaining help in responding to those challenges. Most of all, my volunteer experience has allowed me to learn a lot about myself and have a ton of fun with some amazing people.
I can genuinely say that I love Bridges and this was the best volunteer experience I’ve ever had. Five or so years ago, I set my sights on homelessness as my area of need to dedicate whatever time I had. Bridges was just an above and beyond amazing experience. I have already started looking in Charlotte for similar organizations. I very much hope to find a long-term sustainment building organization and/or an inmate reentry focused program. I hope I find something nearly as awesome as Bridges.