Bridges to Independence is proud to announce our participation in the 2021 CFC!


Bridges’ CFC Number: 99740

Watch Bridges to Independence’s CEO, Sam Kelly, kick off our participation in the 2021 CFC!

Sam Kelly, CEO of Bridges to Independence kicks off our participation in the 2021 CFC!

Click here to watch the full video of Sam Kelly kicking off Bridges to Independence’s participation is 2021 CFC!

CFC End Poverty Week

Sometimes, all we need to start our successful future is for someone to believe in us; to tell us we are capable and deserving. At Bridges, we aim to empower today’s struggling youth or adults to be tomorrow’s successful community members.

You too can be a #bridgebuilder and help empower today’s struggling youth and adults by writing our CFC #99740 on your form today!



CFC Housing and Shelter Week

“Bridges helps families secure and maintain a lease in their own name, assisting families in establishing a foundation for good credit. While in rapid rehousing, Bridges provides families with connections to additional resources (financial/legal/mental health/medical) through daily case management”

We will be updating this page throughout the campaign. Stay tuned for more!