A New Headquarters, Our Next Chapter: How You Can Play a Pivotal Part in Our Future

Home. A simple word that is the bedrock for all our lives. Nevertheless, we at Bridges to Independence know this concept isn’t a given for everyone. Over the last 30 years, our Northern Virginia-based nonprofit has provided housing and support services for individuals and families experiencing homelessness. It’s more than gi11-18-16ving them a safe place to sleep each night. We’re there for these men, women and children every day, empowering them with the tools and resources needed to take that crucial next step. Now, as Bridges to Independence prepares to undergo a transformation within our own headquarters, we hope you’ll join us as we forge ahead into a future bursting with potential.

A Fruitful Future. We’re thrilled to announce that the coming months hold big changes for Bridges to Independence. In September, we’ll move into a completely renovated 4,700 square foot headquarters in Clarendon.

After our building was bought by CRC Companies for redevelopment, we reached an agreement with them to buy a first Buildingfloor location within the structure as an office space and multi-use programming hub. This hive of activity will include a children’s room for youth initiatives, as well as a trio of classrooms where our beneficiaries can receive assistance in areas ranging from job training to personal counseling. Additional spaces include two multipurpose rooms and offices for our growing staff members.

Join us. You can play a crucial role in making this vibrant vision a reality. In the next year, we’re seeking to raise $2.5 million in funding from generous donors like you. Bridges will contribute $1 million from the sale of its previous building. When coupled with the additional $1.5 million fundraising goal, the campaign will fund the purchase of the space, as well as outfitting the building and furnishing it to fulfill Bridges’ growing programmatic and organizational needs.

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